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  • AngelicDragoon said: Chainmail Bikinis and Skintight bodysuits are really the last clinging Hollywood Stereotypes aren't they? And boy, do those stereotypes hang on! Look at video games - for instance, in Dragon's Dogma, I put a male charac…
  • I think it's spot-on - I'm from Australia and we have a prime minister who is really good at patronizing and dismissive - and this strip encapsulates the style perfectly...  That said, I am beginning to feel a certain amount of apprehension reg…
  • Argh! Drath dog! Drath dog!!
  • Ewww...that dog... evidence that mutation is still rampant in this post-Apocalyptic world?
  • For all of your efforts - *standing applause* That page is wonderful, positively charming! I love the detail, the color scheme, the hints of back-story, the variety of people (I love your dwarfs with their map!), the sense of everyday lives being l…
  • People smile with their eyes if they really mean it! Look at that face - obviously, she means it!  It's a lovely smile!  A little pointy, maybe  - but still lovely! :D 
  • First:  This whole episode must have been especially hard on Thistle - what must it be like, hunting down your own kind? - Seeing a poster that characterizes them as an "infestation"? - Then getting the others to sign this poster, like a trophy, aft…
  • Ah, she's gorgeous! Poor dear, all those scars - her past life hasn't just been emotional and psychological torture... edit: Just re-read the snippet of the poster - "Infestation", huh? So it would seem Cave Elves are officially vermin... :(
  • CRNCH - Nice punch there, Thistle! :)
  • I personally like the half-dragon or interrupted-progress-on-the-way-to-becoming-a-wizard theory - but how about this alternative hypothesis?: Thistle is a cave-elf - no ifs or buts, a pure, full-blood cave-elf. But what if there are severa…
  • I suppose that explains Brent's little pain "star" after Thistle let go of his arm...those claws are pretty impressive!
  • YES, we have vital clues - not human (or completely human) but apart from fangs and claws, still tantalizingly unclear... Also, what kind of magic is she using that works when all other magic fails? So, we're still in suspense! ...Meg, you …
  • OMG, those fingernails! A manicurist's nightmare! ;)
  • Is Thistle doing what I think she's doing?! Is that some sort of...summoning circle, like the Drath-summoners use? The colors are all different, so it's not Drath... Is Thistle reporting in to Headquarters? :)
  • "I wonder if that's why..." - Oooo, it's wild theory time! :smile: 1. Thistle is some kind of ...reformed Drath... so the other Drath know her, hate her, etc... 2. Thistle is an incarnate, earthly version of one of those - light beings? an…
  • Snorted when I saw the alt-text...glad I'd just finished my coffee :)
  • My response to Thistle's reason for being hooded and covered is still that of Number Five: "More INPUT!" :D We still have tantalizingly little to go on: The lesser Drath recognize her and immediately tell her that they hate her... The…