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A New Theory

Judging by what we have seen, I believe that Thistle was adopted by some sort of sisterhood, like an abbey. She was raised by the nuns, and among them, there was another trainee, ('The blonde woman who appears sometimes') who was being trained to take on the power of whatever it is Thistle has. Something went wrong, Thistle got the power instead, and the woman likely died, and an echo of her remained. It is very likely she was in fact abusive to Thistle, and was in fact undeserving of the power Thistle received in her stead. The reason for my thinking this is Thistle knowing much about the One Who is Three, which could indicate a religious education, with an additional interest in natural philosophy, which some abbeys would allow study of within the walls. This is mostly guesswork and some hunches on my part, but I'm curious as to what you all think.

Edit: Guess I upset someone. My apologies.
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  • Uh, you got one thing wrong. Thistle DOESN'T know much about 'The One Who Is Three'. She herself said that no one knows or remembers anything about Him.
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    Don't worry about it. Some people think votes are about whether you agree or disagree.

    As pointed out by Daniel, Thistle didn't know who the one who is three is. That said with the exception of the convent part, the being raised along side the blond woman (her name is Gwen by the way) and getting the power instead of her could be possible in my mind.
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    Bum said:
    Don't worry about it. Some people think votes are about whether you agree or disagree.
    I really need to get my bottom up and implement some decent voting system, don't I ? ;)

    I don't know, I always had the impression that Gwen(dolyn) is much older than Thistle and some sort of mother figure. Someone on the same rank as Thistle should not be able to boss her around as much. I'd even say that Gwen using every possible opportunity to put Thistle down happened even before she became an Echo chamber.
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  • I don't know about the convent; the wizard (Hym I think his name was?), or 'old dude in the chair that turned into a skeleton', seemed fairly important to the process. I read somebody else's theory that Gwen and Thistle were trainees to take his place, and Gwen was uber-jealous of Thistle (ergo the abuse), and that one still makes the most sense to me. With the whole reveal though, I went back and re-read it all, and I guess I had forgotten that she called herself a 'ca'daffeka', an 'unwanted daughter'. 

    So maybe she gets thrown out for maybe not eating people? Or, more likely, something else (I get the impression that her clan isn't cannibalistic. That's a theory for another day). Either way, her exile means she goes off, joins up to train with Hym, takes his place, and then... becomes a mercenary? Somehow? I don't know. 
    I do know that Wu asked her if she was 'the youngest' or 'newly chosen'. So that makes me think wizard. 
    Which is also exciting because the wizards in LOTR (eg, Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast, Alatar, and Pallando) were basically angels in Tolkien's mythology, and it seems like that kind of maybe influenced them here. 

    Tl:dr- Thistle is a wizard and Gwen is a jerk.
  • I think we need to disregard anything that has to do with "The One Who is Three" at least until we know what religions Do Exist in the DOTL universe. I got the very strong impression that No one really knows much about "T1wi3" really at all. Maybe Wu does but again not enough information at this point to extrapolate a connection to Thistle.

    Though I do like the idea of Thistle being a Foundling. Maybe she manifested her powers at a super young age and scared off her Birth Mother/Clan leading to abandonment to later be found by Humans? I dunno throwing stuff in the air.
  • My current Thistle theory is that she was cast out of cave elf society for some reason at a very young age and was raised by mages living near (or perhaps even directly for) an elderly wizard.  The mages made changes to Thistle, at the very least altering her eyes so that she could better operate in daylight (Thistle's echo refers to her as "just an experiment").  I absolutely do not think they changed her to make her a "good" cave elf, although the echo may whisper that to her, but just did minor things to help her adapt to human society.

    At least one mage (possibly the wizard) was kind to Thistle and taught her about medicine and magic (I think this is Thistle's main focus and her religious education is a self-taught attempt to discover more about the One).  At least one other (Gwen) was cruel to her; probably she was condescendingly polite at first, but then as Thistle began to learn magic she viewed her as a rival and used Thistle's hunger for the approval of others to emotionally abuse and undermine her.  At some point, probably when it became clear the wizard wasn't going to pick Gwen as his successor, she used Thistle as Drath-bait in an effort to become magically powerful enough to force the issue.  Thistle escaped, ran to the wizard in time to witness his death, and became his successor.

    As to why Thistle doesn't have flashbacks to the people who were kind to her, I think she and her echo have walled those memories off by mutual consent.  Thistle does it to stop the echo from tainting them; the echo I think feigned frustration but has worked to reinforce those mental barricades to prevent Thistle from drawing strength from the memories.
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