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My art stuff

BellisPerennisBellisPerennis Administrator
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Okay, I want to set a good example, so I'll share some artsie stuff here.

First thing is a little Animation of a red panda I drew with Piskel, which I made because of @Yokoboo 's birthday. (I also used this drawing of her as a reference for the first face.)
  Original Size 

If anyone wants to give constructive Feedback I'll be happy to hear it; although I don't think that one can get much wrong with images at this small size.
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  • Okay, I wanted to draw Thistle unhooded and in a dress, so here we go:

    Obviously I need improvement in like everything, so constructive feedback would be very welcome and appreciated.

  • So I drew a reference sheet for one of my characters, because I won the fanwork raffle last month :) so I needed to use that opportunity. Im actually working on a comic featuring that character, but I'm still at a level where I feel that I need to brush up on a few certain skills before I can start it properly (although I almost have 6o pages of rough script together).
    This thing took half an eternity to make, and the little drawings are purposefully not very clean; and I did not render the big one properly like I originally wanted. I'm still a far way away from mastering anatomy, but I feel like I already improved a bit.
    If someone has any suggestions on how to improve things, feel free to do so!
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