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Grace, Penance, and Forgiveness

Sorry if this is a bad way to message, but I'm kinda new to posting on discord forums.....
To the authors and creators of DotL, I've been following this comic for about 2 years now, and re-read it about every 4 months end to end. The art is wonderful, the world is thoughtful, and the characters are believable, but that's not why I had to write this today.

The post under 6.13 changed my life.  I don't have any life-altering story to back this up, but it made me think about how our minds can be our personal hell if we let them.  Before this page, I'd honestly thought that our mistakes and regrets are the scaffolding we use to become better people, but your words constantly remind me we don't have to wallow in those feelings to acknowledge them and grow from them.

I've used Wu's line about forgiveness several times in my life since (always with credit to DotL with friends who haven't read this comic YET), and it has helped. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Especially with depression and anxiety (even though I don't have either bad, several friends and family do), there is such hope in realizing that you do have the power to forgive yourself, even if it takes monumental effort to do so.

TL;DR: Your comic is changing lives, keep up the great work!

A Reader 
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