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Daughter of the Lilies - 8.33

New comic!

Today's News:
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As a refresher, here is the previous page

If this page is looking a little unfinished... well, that's because it is.

My wrist pain is more or less gone, but Julianna's wrist and arm are still recovering.
Listen, y'all are part of generation where art and artists are valued as more than just commodities because of the Internet, so I know all of you will understand when I tell you that I tend to prioritize the health of the people working on this project with me more than the project itself, given that there would be no project without them. Julianna was kind enough to give me the page as it was, and I don't want to make you guys wait for any more updates, so they may seem a little rough around the edges for a hot second. I promise we're working hard behind the scenes, so thank you for your understanding!

Also, my deepest respect and condolences to everyone who works with the public. Y'all are real superstars and society would not function without you and I wish you the speediest of promotions to positions where you never have to talk to anyone ever again.

Colors byJulianna Chianelli


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