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Category Rules

BellisPerennisBellisPerennis Administrator
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In the Creative Pond we have some different #rules:

Thread creation:

- You can make one personal thread, where you can post your stuff for others to look at it and comment.
- You can also make an unlimited amount of threads for bigger projects, if you meet at least one of the three following conditions:
+ more than five distinct parts (at least planned); work in progress steps don’t count as such
+ the work fits in two or more categories at the same time, e.g. a story you also illustrated
+ it is a collaborative work; in that case name all people taking part in it in the opening of the thread

you are also supposed to mark clearly who of the team did what; this is also the only case where posting other people’s work is allowed, if it’s from a teammate and marked as such

Originally this category had several subforums for different sorts of creative things (art, writing, craft and other); which were removed due to a lack of usage. You can use tags to mention all the artforms you used if you want to make your stuff more findable. If we pass over a certain number of threads, subcategories will be reinstalled (which means that threads with mixed stuff get archived and the owner is free to open new threads).

Thread discontinuation:

- If you ended a project, please tag it with #completed and inform the administrator; if there is a significant amount of completed works in a category, we'll make an archive for those; completed works are exempt from thread death
- For uncompleted projects and personal threads, the thread is considered dead if there has been no new content from its creator for eight weeks. A work in progress update counts as new content for this regard.
- If your personal thread has been closed due to idleness, you may create a new one; this also applies if your personal thread exceeds 50 pages.

Personal Thread Privileges:

- You are allowed to make double posts for content if either
  • one post is not able to contain the entirety of your update at once
  • or since the last content update more than 12 hours passed

- You may bump your thread, when more then 7 days since the last post have passed. Bumping does not reset the death timer.


- All content posted by the owners of a thread is considered made by themselves
- If your work is based on something else, cite the original source, failing to do so is an offense
- If you post something which you have not created, cite the creator properly and clearly. Failure to comply is an offense.
- Posting a work that is based on some other or includes snippets in a way that let it fall under fair use is allowed, but you need to link to the original source.
- By publishing something on the forum you give us he rights to display and save it; these don’t get canceled if you get banned for some offense (in other words: we can have it in the forum, backup it and don’t need to clean everything from you out if you quit)


- Please be nice
- Don’t post criticisms, unless the threadowner has requested feedback
- If you criticize, make it constructive, which means:
  • phrase your comments respectfully
  • don’t just list things you consider bad, explain how it could be done better
  • do limit yourself to a handful of negative points at a time, so the recipient does not get overwhelmed
- you can make reaction gifs and the likes based on the work you want to comment on, without needing to cite the source, if it’s in the same thread. Please stay respectful to the original creator.
- don't post reaction gifs from outside sources of the forum, unless you made them yourself
- you can use reaction gifs other users made, but only of you cite them (e.g. “made by User”) Content:


Pictures depicting nude people are okay FOR NOW, but only if:
- The thread is tagged with an appropriate warning (#warning: nudity)
- The context is not mainly sexual; so anatomy practice, life drawings of nude models, or things where the nudity obviously serves another point (like e.g. a woman feeding a baby) are okay
If in doubt, contact a moderator and mention who approved it, if you got an approval. The admin may at any time overrule any moderator's decision.

People that obviously try to abuse the system will get a warning and, in repeated cases, a ban.

Please use warnings if you post something that may offend or disturb other users:
- This includes things like nudity, gore, self-harm, death of a character, fast-flickering pictures and so forth
- you can either do this by adding tags to the thread, or if you don’t want to spoiler other users in a list in the first entry, that you put in spoiler tags
- it is okay to write things into your warning list that are not commonly seen as triggers, but don’t overdo it in a way that hides real trigger-warnings; if no warnings apply at the moment, you can still make a list

All general rules still apply, unless specified otherwise.
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  • I don't think this is the appropriate place to make this post, but I have no capacity to post anywhere else.

    To whit, all the Forum Rules and Etiquette threads are throwing 500 Internal Server Errors, so I have no idea if posting is limited to newbies or if there's a specific place I need to post first (it's not the Introduction thread, I can't post there either).  So... I'm putting this here and hoping the Admin and mods take mercy on me if I've crossed a line in doing so.
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