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Category Rules

BellisPerennisBellisPerennis Administrator
On the DotL Forum there are a few more freedoms regarding some #rules:
- DotL-page threads never die. Regardless of that, only the most current page is supposed to be in the main forum, while the older ones are switched over into the DotL-archive.
!! If the rich text editor is missing, try to quote someone. This should make the toolbar appear; you can savely remove the quote then.
- The DotL-archive contains a thread were all pages already archived are listed with a direct link to the thread and their status.
- Everyone can take part in making Dialog transcripts. If you made one, flag your post with "Transcription" to notify the mods so that they can copy it into thread opening. (You'll get credited.)
- The format is currently following a few rules:
only transcript the dialogue and text things that are not mere background decoration
  • Panel Number marks the next panel in the reading flow
  • Speaker: announces who speaks (or is a relevant source of text, for example a tax-form). For characters that have an emoji in the database please include it before the name. For example :Thistle: Thistle:
  • Every word balloon gets a new line
  • mimic text-decoration like bold text
  • you may get creative with swearing, use a word that is rougly similar to the one probably used and strike through it. For example bishies
  • (Word balloons that you can interpret as being acoustically in the background get set in brackets. These are often in lighter colors or have much whitespace and a tiny font.)
  • (If an overlapped word balloon has text that you can't read, you can mark that with (...))
  • text that is not decipherable can be described
- If you produce a significant amount of transscripts, you can get the role "DotL Archivar" which enables you to include your transscripts yourself, without needing to contact a mod.
- In DotL-page threads you may post reaction gifs made out of that page without explicitely citing the source.
- In the threads of this category you are allowed to discuss politics and religion, but only in a strictly limited way:
  • it must have to do something directly with DotL and its themes
  • you are not allowed to direct the discusssions to topics which are not thematicly covered by DotL
  • you are not allowed to missue this to voice your disagreements with the existence of other groups of people

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