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Forum Rules and Etiquette

BellisPerennisBellisPerennis Administrator
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We want this forum to be a place where a wide variety of people feels welcome and can have fun. We don't judge people regarding to their gender-identity, sexual preference, origin, age, religion, socio-economical status, education, disabilities etc. but solely based on their actions. So please:

DON'T use excessively swear words, insult other people or dabble in hate speech.

DON’T harass others (users and mods alike). Especially don’t demand from others things like pictures, stories, etc. for free.

DON'T spam the forum by posting pointless comments, or making threads on mass.

DON'T disclose sensible personal things on the public forums. This means details about others but also your own! A good rule of thumb is if an average Joe would publicly wear a T-shirt with that statement on it.

DON'T necro threads. The general rule is that a thread that has received no new comments for over four weeks is dead. For certain categories this can vary, but will be stated in the rules.

DON'T post in threads that have over 50 pages. Rather look out for the continuation thread or make your own if there is none yet (and link back to the old one). Point out to a moderator that the thread needs to be closed. (You can flag the opening post for that purpose.) Ideally the person who started the old thread starts the new one, including a short summary of the latest things; or names a new thread-owner.

DON'T restart threads that have been closed by a moderator for any reason besides its length.

DON'T ignore moderation statements. If the mods tell you something, then it's for a reason.

DON’T just post emojis or go overboard with text-decoration.

DON’T double-post. Rather edit your first post and add the new content there.

DON’T make a thread when a moderator has made a choice you don’t agree with to complain about it. Rather contact the administrator @BellisPerennis and the head of moderation @Bum for mediation.

DON’T post any pictures without citing the original source.

DON’T troll or feed one.

DON’T make more then one account; if there is a need for multiple accounts for the same IP-adress (for example family members sharing the same connection), please contact the administrator @BellisPerennis .

DON’T discuss touchy subjects like religion or politics on regular threads.

If you have the need to discuss those you can apply for access to the Containment Zone. You can get it if you have been sufficiently long on the forum and you did not stand out negatively due to negative behavior. People who have access have the extra role “Brave Soul”.

This is a test run currently. People that are not able to keep the discussion civil loose their posting permission.

NEVER do something criminal here; this earns you an instaban.

NEVER deliberately undo a moderators edit bye making one that leads back to the prior state. After 20 minutes of the first posting, all edits are automatically logged by the system. Also this earns you an instaban.

NEVER post or link to porn or overly violent content; this earns you an instaban.

NEVER post knowingly a link to a site that infects visitors, phishes or does similar criminal activities; this earns you an instaban.

NEVER post nazi stuff; this earns you an instaban.


DO read the rules – also category rules if they have their own ones.

DO use the pronouns people request. You can declare you own preferences in your profile, but don’t change them all the time.

DO vote up comments you liked!

DO vote down comments, that might break the rules. If enough down-votes are amassed, it gets (temporarily) removed for moderation.

DO flag comments that are obviously breaking a rule, like posts from a spambot.

DO discuss more personal stuff in the private messages; you can have have a discussion there with more than one person at a time

DO make your text readable by using proper grammar. If you have trouble with it, you might want to write your posts in an office application (like Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer) and copying it into the thread then. We also have the option to switch to a special font for people with Dyslexia, which you can activate in your personal settings. This works with every theme, but you’ll need refresh after activating it, for the change to take effect.

This rule is NOT an excuse for people to nag excessively about other peoples grammar.

DO post in English in all threads outside of the Language Arena.

DO make a thread specific to a language in the Language Arena if there is not one yet. If there is enough activity in a language, you can apply to get your own sub-category, if either a moderator volunteers for keeping an eye on it or you can provide someone that is deemed trustworthy enough by the administrator @BellisPerennis or head of moderation @Bum to get elected to a (limited) moderator status.

DO point out issues you run across in the Issues thread. People who are repeatedly helpful (without being obnoxious) will be able to earn a custom role.

People that break rules will, according to severity, get up to 3 warnings and after that temporary bans with increasing length, the worst offenders get a permanent ban.

Remember: This is supposed to be a place where anyone can feel welcome!

Lastly a general rule: Don’t be stupid. If you know that something is a bad idea and would irritate your fellow buds, then don’t post it. Likewise you can earn a warning, temporary and even instant ban even for things not listed here yet – this rules are subject to change over time.

Likewise does acknowledgment that you should not have posted something allow you breaking a rule. If you know that something is bad, then simply don’t do it. Intentionally stretching the rules to see how far you can go is likewise forbidden. If in doubt about something, feel free to contact a moderator.

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