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Forum Issues

BellisPerennisBellisPerennis Administrator
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You found an issue? Please tell us here, ideally with a description of the circumstances where it appeared.

If you stumble over writing mistakes in the rules a notice is also very much appreciated.
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  • p_steinp_stein Member, Brave Soul
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    Thanks a lot, that's good enough for me. I realize that people with ill intent can still find it by doing tricks, but at least it's not in plain sight :)

    also, now I see the toolbar. I don't know why or what happened, but I do. I didn't do anything differently :D

    edit: now, I can't vote comments up (or down for that matter). I click and it just sends me to a page with "TRUE" - I'm sorry to be such a bother, I wouldn't mention it normally, but I imagine that maybe others have the same issues as well.
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  • Fixing technical stuff (copied over from another thread) (double-post for better readability :coder: )

    make links
    You can make a link be marking the text you want to have as the clickable part and then clicking on the little chain symbol, right next to the emoji one. This will open a little textfield, where you can type int the url as indicated by an already filled in and marked http://.  Just click okay after inserting the link. (Also I strongly advise having already written something after that link if you want to continue with something that includes not that link.) (Pasting also works, but be careful that the http:// stays marked, otherwise it'll be doubled and the link won't work - of course you can also arrow back to the beginning and remove an superflous http:// manually afterwards, but that's a bit annoying imho.)

    html mode - your helper in need
    For a bit more direct control you can also switch into the html mode, which you activate by clicking the econd to last symbol </>
    To leave that mode, just click it again. Entering it might be also very helpful when the WYSIWYG-Editor get's somehow "stuck" (quoting has a few troubles...). If you for some reason don't see the toolbar at all, then you can force it to appear by quoting someone. Just delete the quote then (easiest to do in the html mode) and you can write your stuff.

    If the forum seeems to eat your paragraphs, again the html mode is your friend. Write </br>
    whereever you want to have a paragraph.

    The usability of the WYSIWYG-editor is not on the level I'd like it to, but I'll need to dig deeper into the code which will take me "some" time; but I still think it's still more usable than a pure tag based solution for not programming affine people. ;)
  • p_steinp_stein Member, Brave Soul
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    I am one of those people who don't see the toolbar at all, unless I quote another post. Is there another way? I mean, it's fine, I don't really care as I am used to Disqus commands (almost), but I was just curious. Or maybe I am just blind and can't see where it is.

    edit: also, is there some way to hide our IPs (unless you're an administrator)? This is somewhat of a privacy issue to me.
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  • The system does not offer an option to make those completely inacessible - but people who want to missuse your IP-adress probably have their own little tricks if they want to access it. If you feel unsafe regarding your IP-Adress, a VPN might help to feel safer ;)
    But the adresses are not longer in plain view, I hope that helps :)

    Could you try to access a thread you want to post in by going via the catergory links on the left side (and not recent discussions). I have the impression that there might lay the source of this particular problem.
  • Yeah, that happens when I vote up or down, too. Don't worry, the vote gets registered, although you need to refresh the page to see it. (You also can't see if you already voted for something, but most users should only be able to vote once. Longterm I hope to replace that with a nicer system.)
    This is also on my to-do list, but priority has currently the toolbar issue.
  • p_steinp_stein Member, Brave Soul
    Thanks a lot, for everything. I hope it's not too much work.
  • Thanks a lot, that's good enough for me!  beetalk 1.3.1 ios
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