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Daughter of the Lilies - Time For A Break

New comic!

Today's News:
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Hello, everyone. You may have noticed a... rather obvious change in the comic updates and their frequency as of late. In the past, I've been pointing my finger mainly at my current position on the Animaniacs reboot as the reason for these changes, but to be perfectly honest that's been something of a half-truth, and I would like to apologize for misleading you in this way.

The short version of it all is: we've both been having some health problems. Yoko's written a bit about her situation, and a couple months ago I got a diagnosis myself that surprised me, specifically in that it was multiple problems instead of just the one I was expecting. 

We've both been trying to soldier on as usual in spite of these... changes in our lives, but obviously they've proven a bit too large and awkward for us to handle without forcing ourselves to start making some serious adjustments to how we do things. Yoko has had to temporarily step away from her position as colorist on the comic, not only to deal with this current development, but also because of several other circumstances and responsibilities beyond her control, which has led me to realize that I can't work on a project by myself without lagging behind deadlines, and I've started searching for a temporary colorist to fill her space when/if she's able to return to the position. Unfortunately, that's just... one too many things for me to do right now, on top of everything else. 

SO... I'm very sorry to say that we're forced to take a break to try and deal with some stuff. Yoko has her doctor appointments, and I have to rest/deal with what's going on in my head and dedicate myself solely to trying to secure a Temp. Colorist to help me with the comic. (If you know anyone looking for work or would be a good fit, you can tweet at me.) Ideally, I'd be back in a month or so with someone new and would get right back to things, but I have no idea how long this will take or where my mental health will be then.

HOWEVER, I will still be updating the site while I'm gone, with filler content, some by me, but mostly submitted by you, the lovely readers. 


  • it is an 800x1200 image
  • you include your name that you would like to be credited to and all associated URLs
  • it is sent to the DotL email: daughter of the lilies @gmail
  • and that "Filler Content Submission" is in the Subject Line

Thank you all very very very much for your patience during this time. I promise we are working hard and doing our best.

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