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Serial Fiction - Ain't A Hero

This is a project I've been working on for past year as a hobby.  Starting out as a joke writing prompt over on Reddit, I have taken to writing this ongoing story of a post post-apoc, science fantasy, slice of life... ish... thing...  We'll just call it Kitchen Sink Fantasy:  It's got dragons, magic, cars, geek culture, cybernetics, giant robots, and adventuring party themed reality TV shows. 

It's called, Ain't A Hero.  It starts with Bach learning about the death of his brother at the hands of the Dark Lord by watching the news.  Bach comments about the move the Dark Lord used.  His brother agrees...  The ghost of his brother... sitting right next to him... agrees.  Soon Bach joins up with his ghostly brother and his party to eventually confront the Dark Lord, but before then Bach needs to get back into adventuring shape.

Content bits:  Nothing explicit.  Unless cursing when thematically appropriate is not your cup of tea.

For those with ebook readers, epubs!

Any commentary is appreciated.  It's just been a grand experiment of mine that I've kept up and I'm always looking for more eyes upon.
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