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Daughter of the Lilies - E1.03

New comic!

Today's News:
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...who is this? 

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  • Yanno that Woman's Commentary reminds me of a debate an Older man I know had with a younger man.

    Said young man was going off to a field of study that had no foreseeable future beyond something the young man didn't want to do. the Older man strongly disagreed with his younger Counterpart and suggested instead that the young man take up a Trade instead. the young man refused. So the older man said "Who would you listen to, a person who has only one year of Experience or a person who has fifty years?"

    "The Person with Fifty Years of Course!" the Young man said

    "So why won't you listen to me?!"  the Older man Responded in frustration.

    I can't help feel like this woman is like the Young Man in my Story.... which means only bad things I should think.
  • Clearly, this comic understands how to subtly make the reader dislike a character very quickly and very strongly.
    This woman spoke about four sentences, none of them too harsh or clearly out of line, and already she almost ranks up there between Dolores Umbridge and King Joffrey. Wow.

    Also, is it just me or are everyone's eyes black all of a sudden?
    And I suppose that familiar on her shoulder is what we could admire on the epilogue's opening page?

  • The woman from Thistle's memories!  :BuddySurprised:
  • The woman from Thistle's memories!  :BuddySurprised:
    now we know why her voice is black in thistles memories, darth it. 
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