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Daughter of the Lilies - E.ii - Lyra's Laws

New comic!

Today's News:
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Originally, I had started to answer this question with some pretty crazy cocktail recipes, one of which involved dunking an entire Redbull upside down into a large glass with a straw so you could get at the drink around the can - but I got hit with a very bad feeling about it and changed the nature of the answer. If you're gonna drink, you might as well know how to be responsible about it. 

If you decide to follow these rules and someone gives you a hard time about them, One: you probably shouldn't hang out with those people any more, and Two: you can always say that your friend Lyra would be SO MAD if she found out you broke her rules. She's happy to take the blame, and maybe give them a piece of her mind at the same time.

Lyra says that waiting until Legal Age isn't just a goody two shoes thing to do - it's good training in self control so that you can develop the skills to follow the rules more effectively. 

Anyway, imbibers and non-imbibers alike: what's your favorite thing to drink? 

Reminder that I only choose Reader Questions from ones submitted by Patrons on Patreon! I'm also giving weekly updates as to what specifically I'm working on during the break. 

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