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Dante's Inferno in Daughter of the Lillies?!?!

I feel like SUCH a dorkus especially since Watching an Youtube Series about the Divine Comedy but after reading a bit of the Archives I just spotted the connection to Dante's Inferno and the Drath's general appearance and living conditions.

Here I'll link the video and the Page where I made the Connections.  Please note the Centaurs, as well as the Backward-heads.  The Page in Which I had my Eureka Moment.

Share your thoughts?


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  • Hm, that's an interesting connection, but I think it might be coincidental; it's not like one can make a "proper" feeling hellscape without somehow incorparating common tropes associated with that sort of place.
    Regarding the centaurs; I think good authors think alike? Although we don't know if those really are "proper" centaurs in DotL and not some beastly fusion of things to act as sort of overseers? At that level of detail it's almost impossible to communicate anything, without relying heavily on the shape of things; and making those four legged and towering over the rest opens up the interpretation properties a lot.

    But it's definitely an interesting connection to make. (Also that video was quite amusing :) )
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