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Daughter of the Lilies - 7.58

New comic!

Today's News:
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Here it is, the last page of Chapter 7, and the last page of Book 1. We did it. Gosh, I sure am tired.

ALL RIGHT, you all know what's next: as with the ending of every Chapter, Yoko and I will be taking a much deserved break. HOWEVER, since this is also the end of BOOK 1: A GIRL WITH NO FACE, we will be taking an extra long extended break, because I need to finish figuring out the entirety of the story, organizing all the storylines that I want to work in, make the cover for Book 2 (and come up with a title), start making pages for the first chapter, and prep all current existing pages for print, since we'll be Kickstarting that into existence for those of you who would like a copy! (More information will become available as we begin working on it in conjunction with Hiveworks, who have a schedule for these things, as they manage several projects like this throughout the year.)

As of this writing, I have a projected return date and the official start of Book 2 to be sometime to mid or late May, but I'll try to nail down some more solid dates for you as soon as possible so you aren't in the lurch. 

NOT TO WORRY: We will continue to update the site while we're gone with Reader Questions, some killer fanart to show off, and YOUR THISTLE THEORIES, OF COURSE. Those are due on March 15, the day before my birthday! They would make GREAT gifts to me (WINK WINK). You can find information on that at the bottom of the previous page, in the blog post.

Since I am drop dead bone tired and burned out like no one's business, I'm going to be posting some sweet fanart y'all have done for the next two weeks, then start posting some Reader Questions. (Remember: I select Reader Questions from Patrons submitted by Patreon, so if you pledge to support the comic you can ask one at this time and I'll consider answering it!)

Thursday's update will be a "End of Book I" closer image; it's a super simple text-only graphic but I am not above padding out the archive right now - like I said, my creative fuel tank is pretty much running on fumes, and I still have my full time job that I need to keep going to. There will also be more information about the Hiatus there, in case you need it again in a much more digestible format. 

THANK YOU FOR READING, FELLAS. I'm gonna go lie down and stare at the ceiling and savor these emotions I'm feeling. Dang. What a milestone. And there's still so much story left to tell.

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  • I am enamored of the idea that Orrig figured out what she's hiding ages ago, and is just playing along out of respect for her wishes, because as long as she does a good job, it doesn't matter. <3
  • For all of your efforts - *standing applause*

    That page is wonderful, positively charming! I love the detail, the color scheme, the hints of back-story, the variety of people (I love your dwarfs with their map!), the sense of everyday lives being lived... 

    It makes me feel that I'd like to be there...(sigh) 

  • I am enamored of the idea that Orrig figured out what she's hiding ages ago, and is just playing along out of respect for her wishes, because as long as she does a good job, it doesn't matter. <3
    Even if he hasn't figured it out I could see him just not being phased by the reveal :D
  • .......She could solver her problem by taking off that ninja costume? If her race is considered vermin because all known examples of them behave like vermin... her being a well known adventurer (or better, healer) would go a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG way to solving that...

    Of course, the Drath in her head is a good explanation for being unable to think that far ahead.
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