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Daughter of the Lilies - 7.39

New comic!

Today's News:
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Alt Text by Jennifer Gauna on Patreon! Blog Title by Ollie, also on Patreon!

Hey, everyone! Sorry the page is a day late. There were things happening outside of our control, and this was the soonest we could get it to you. Thank you very much for your patience!

The last panel is supposed to be a little ambiguous so that y'all can plug in your own theories into the blanks left there, so if this is confusing that's okay. Brent does have his own theory but it's more fun if the readers feel involved or challenged to think it through in their own way.

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  • Once again, so many great things about this page!

    1. Glad to see Thistle does indeed take no exception at Brent's inelegant handwriting, and is even kind enough to reassure him. Awesome Thistle is awesome. (Even better considering we get another panel of Brent being really, incredibly embarrassed about it)

    2. Thistle's strict face. Looks great, and I'm not sure we've seen that before. (Have we, anyone?) Well, it's generally cool when Thistle comes out of her shell and shows just how fierce, assertive or plain badass she can be.
    And nice touch that she's warning him not to scratch while his hand was (probably without him noticing) getting into position to maybe do just that.

    3. Panels 5-7. Nuff said.
    ... But I'll say more anyway. Coloured (once again) with exceptional brilliance, giving the right hint of atmosphere and underlining the thematic parallels. Also the contrast to the rest of the page with its brilliant rays of sunlight. Most impressive ... just as the basic outline and design (especially composition) of this page, of course. We (at least I) can only envy your skills.

    4. As to Brent's wondering ... "I wonder if that's why" ... So do we, Brent. So do we. And probably could write entire papers about this topic by now, only to be no further than you in the end.
  • by the way, I notice how Thistle is reticent in signing - I was curious as to why, but now I realize that her signature is probably not "Thistle" :D - so now, I get it!
  • *cackles with insane laughter because reasons* I'VE no problem with this being a day late, does anyone else have a problem with this? No? Because Meg and Yoko are amazing and their stuff is 110% worth waiting for, you say? Then Amen, my dudes XD Now I'm kinda nervous; this comic's in for the long haul (I am SO hyped to be a part of a 10 year Gunnerkrigg-level project that's just amazing), so... Are we gonna have a point where Brent starts pushing Thistle away because he's afraid of what's up with her, or... No? I hope not. It seems like Brent wouldn't do that, but I've been watching too much Inuyasha as of late, so I'm paranoid about romance 'n' shiz taking an entire series long just to be confirmed. (I know Bristle's confirmed, but still XD) hhHHHNNNNNG I hope everything went well with these things that happened and were out of anyone's control :V Brent, I love your teeth way too much. Also, don't touch, boi.
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  • "I wonder if that's why..." - Oooo, it's wild theory time! :smile:
    1. Thistle is some kind of ...reformed Drath... so the other Drath know her, hate her, etc...
    2. Thistle is an incarnate, earthly version of one of those - light beings? angels?... whatever - and just doesn't know it...
    3. Thistle is the 'Chosen One' but won't face it - and she's running from her task, sort of like Jonah...
    4. ???
    BTW, I love Thistle's Stern Doctor Face :)
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  • DaiJB said:
    "I wonder if that's why..." - Oooo, it's wild theory time! :smile:
    Based on the visuals, where Brent remembers other things mutated horribly by the drath, my theory is that Brent's theory aligns with my theory that Thistle was mutated by contact with a greater drath.
  • Well, technically Thistle isn't ever really alone. Which could be comforting if she had better "permanent company". <.<
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