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Introduction thread

BellisPerennisBellisPerennis Posts: 90Administrator
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Introduce yourself if you want! :)
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  • MegSyvMegSyv Posts: 1Member, VIP
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    Hi, I'm Meg. I write and illustrate the comic. I probably won't be very active, but I will lurk like a champ to make sure the story is clear and to see what the most common questions are, so that they addressed at some point within the plot. Thanks for reading, Buds.
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  • miloneumanmiloneuman Posts: 3Member, VIP
    Hi. I'm married to the author and know all the answers, so anything I post here will be a lie. Just forewarning.
  • ...why am I the second person to post here? ^^;
  • IsaIsa Posts: 2Member
    greetings, programs. you can call me Isa. i've been following DotL for quite a while, and was quite intrigued when i heard the forum opened up.
  • Hi, I'm Ryan. I make puns and occasionally dispense science. You might recognize my name as the 3rd word in a certain 3-word phrase that seems to be increasingly common in web comic comment sections.
  • BellisPerennisBellisPerennis Posts: 90Administrator
    ml1201 said:
    ...why am I the second person to post here? ^^;
    I don't know, but it makes you awesome :D
  • BumBum Posts: 16Member, HeadMod
    You are the second to post because the boards were opened during the thanksgiving holiday here in the states, and no formal announcement has been made on the comic. Takes out a lot of people from seeing the information. Welcome.
  • BellisPerennisBellisPerennis Posts: 90Administrator
    I had hoped Meg would make an announcement, but it may very well be that she did not see the mail I sent to her. She probably does not get often Mail via that address. :exhausted:
  • Salutations DotL fans, looks like the forum is open for business.
  • Hullo! I'm Robin, and I've been reading DoTL a while now, just came in with the big announcement! I like to craft theories and try to solve the mysteries!
  • Hiyas, I'm Elowen. I'm a long time lurker on DoTL. I figured the new forums was a good place to start appearing.
  • I be Tahaneira, enjoyer of speculation and inconsistent poster. I am a fan of DotL who wishes to be part of the community, even though my attendance through Disqus was spotty. Hopefully I'll be more consistent here.
  • Should probably swing by here! I'm Uber, casual lurker for the last few months after being pointed DotL's way by its colorist. I'm terrible about keeping track of conversations on Disqus or the like, but hopefully I'll do a bit better in a more stable forum environment. Either way, great to be here!
  • p_steinp_stein Posts: 17Member, Brave Soul
    thank you ryan?
    bless you ryan?

    Hello. My name is P. Stein (or just Stein, I guess). I lurk and I comment sometimes. Thanks a lot for creating this place, this seems nice.
  • BellisPerennisBellisPerennis Posts: 90Administrator
    Thanks for coming over :star: We're trying our best.
  • Hi, I'm Sandy Noname, aka Maria Gerasimova. I love literature, art and hereupon, their alloy - comics, BD and manga ) I love to discuss what I see and what I read too (or, at least, to know other's clever thoughts) :) Glad to be here.
  • Angelic_Dragoon here. Call me Angel. :P Don't mind me I'll be probably lurking in the corner somewhere
  • I only recently started following this comic, but I've reread it three times now... I'm already addicted. I don't comment a lot but since I do sometimes I wanted to join the forum to make sure I could add my two cents. :star: My name's Shiva.
  • MayMay Posts: 3Member
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    Hello! You can call me May, and I am the one who introduces herself after she posts a comment on a different thread... I am a lurker, and I don't comment a lot, but when I do it's pretty much an info dump lol. Thanks for starting this forum :smile:
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  • tylikcattylikcat Posts: 4Member, Brave Soul
    Hello, I'm Tylikcat. I posted on the old forum under the same 'nym, if a different icon. I'm a sporadic poster depending on my schedule and how much that particular page has hooked me. (Always most active when I'm not feeling so great :-P )
  • p_steinp_stein Posts: 17Member, Brave Soul
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    Hi. I'm married to the author and know all the answers, so anything I post here will be a lie. Just forewarning.</br></br>
    This is what I read: "hey, I have inside information and I will leak it to you by telling you the reverse of what is true every single time."

    To which I can only say: name your price*, sir.

    *given our finances, we (I) are willing to pay a LOT OF local currency (Internet good thoughts). And if it's really big, we can even give you a virtual pat on the back.
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  • Hello, I'm bam_ruzzle. I've been enjoying the comic without really taking part in the community for awhile now, but I'm hoping that will change now that there is a more structured place to add my thoughts.
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