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  • InV said: The vid is apt considering that its ultimately what she is. A mook to a greater power She reeks of Pride and Egotism to the point that I'm think she may have a Superiority Complex Bad. She hates being considered "Lesser" b…
  • The older woman and the balding man look very uncomfortable- I would take that as a sign to get the heck out of this social circle before the blood starts flying.
  • I really don't like booze at all so I tend to stick to Diet Pepsi and Iced Tea. regular Hot tea when the weather is cold. :P
  • charmas said: Why would anyone bring a monster like that to a social event? It's the same reason why you have people in High-society wearing umpty-million carat jewellery or driving stupidly expensive cars in our society- They're showi…
  • Yeah I stand by my statement about these guys being complete a-holes. They used a Doggo for Drath stuff that's unacceptable! DX
  • Yanno that Woman's Commentary reminds me of a debate an Older man I know had with a younger man. Said young man was going off to a field of study that had no foreseeable future beyond something the young man didn't want to do. the Older man strongl…
  • I get the very strong impression that every time there's a Drath Outbreak, someone comes along and...Sweeps it under the rug. Which is a Mighty Concern. Furthermore- These guys are complete assholes. I mean if you forget about the whole Drath part…
  • Can I just note here: Thistle is an adorable little fruit-bat but those Scars on her face fill me with a very Big Concern. I will probably remain concerned until the Origins of some, if not all are explained.
  • I think we need to disregard anything that has to do with "The One Who is Three" at least until we know what religions Do Exist in the DOTL universe. I got the very strong impression that No one really knows much about "T1wi3" really at all. Maybe W…
  • I agree with ThisAdamsGuy. Not to mention this- I guess we can call it "Identity Dissonance" is probably the Root of Thistle's Drath Echo. I hope the Gang finds a super nice and Non-Violent bunch of Cave Elves so Thistle can get some quiet reinforc…
  • Has anyone here Read  Widdershins?  It's a lovely Comic.... about Victorian-Era Magic, which is a delightful change of setting compared to the usual. The Comic is Currently undergoing a "Boss Rush" but it's really easy to catch up
  • I wasn't so sure about this theory until this latest update. You have to admit those Claw-like hands are certainly a potential point in the "Disfigurement Theory" and Wu is a Dragon and a Wiz at magic, It could be that the Caster wasn't so sharpish …
  • Hmmmm *Goes to Google* Search Results "Empaths are highly sensitive. This is the term commonly used in describing one's abilities (sensitivity) to another's emotions and feelings. Empaths have a deep sense of knowing that accompanies empathy a…
  • I've got a big Webcomics Collection in my Bookmarks but I think I'll share Weregeek with you all. It's mostly slice of life with the main character discovering the Geek lifestyle but it has the brief "Story-Within-Story" moments when the Main Charac…
  • Angelic_Dragoon here. Call me Angel. :P Don't mind me I'll be probably lurking in the corner somewhere