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Daughter of the Lilies - 7.41

New comic!

Today's News:
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We're back! Did y'all have a good holiday?

Whaddya say we finish up this chapter and call this first book finished? 

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  • Oh, You're teasing us! Actually, as much as I want the reveal, I do like the pacing of this comic. Too many comics get super weird all too fast, and it ruins the appeal, especially since the readers aren't given time to understand and connect to the characters. DOTL has done a fantastic job with its characters; I love every single one of them because I've been given time with them. The magic and lore, while still important, seems to have taken a backseat to character, and I love that!
  • Uhg, my heart. I know nothing about this LouAnne, but my heart already goes out to her. Thistle (or Rose, or who the heck knows) is such a saint. She deserves better. Way, way better...
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