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Daughter of the Lilies - 7.40

New comic!

Today's News:
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In this chapter, we've had a scene dedicated to Lyra, to Orrig, and to Brent, but there's still one person left we need to examine. So here we are, ending this chapter as we started it, with the beginning of a Thistle scene, and officially one of the last chances you have to discuss your Thistle Theories with one another. Here is a curated list of ones submitted to Tumblr, to get your gears turnin'.

This is officially our last update of 2017. We'll be gone the next week for Christmas, but will pick up right where we left off on January 2nd.

Please have a very wonderful holiday season! Yoko and I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you celebrate. Merry Christmas!

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  • Oh, my. I won't get my hopes up and believe this is really it. "But Meg said 'one of the last chances you have to discuss your Thistle Theories with one another', and this really looks like this could be it!"
    Of course this is just a ploy. Actually, the author is just about to establish some ruthless rules that all further Thistle theories discussions will be deleted instantly, since she no longer wants to be pestered with them. Seeing the opportunity for teasing fans (again), she quickly put this ominous note to a page that looks like it might lead to something. Yep. That's exactly how it is.
    Or if this is indeed it (I dare not hope), it will certainly be with several cliffhangers via chapter breaks, title pages, and cuts to other scenes for added suspense, because there is no mercy in this world.

    Other things to notice:

    1. Extremely cool touch with the key in "click".

    2. Interesting to see how immensely careful Thistle has become. I guess the incident with LouAnne left a lasting impression. One might even call it paranoia if ignorant about possible consequences of carelessness in that regard.

    3. The mercenary guild is suprisingly generous in providing Thistle such a nice room. And the artist's obsession for detail must border on madness - who in their right mind would design an entire new, detailed painting just to put in one of the standard frames? And even add a really intricate frame to it? I don't know if this is Meg's or Nytrinhia's doing, but it's incredible.

    4. Thistle finally uses Magic speech (I assume), or whatever it is. And now I'm wondering what kind of magic does and doesn't require this under what circumstances ... anyway, nice touch. And have we ever seen it in blue before?
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  • Good writers often create a situation where it seems like there are only two possibilities, both of which would be incredibly cliche, then pull out a third possibility that was inevitable in retrospect. It currently seems like there are two possibilities: Thistle looks horrifying (and gets a cliched "but your wings are beautiful" arc), or Thistle looks normal (and gets a cliched "beautiful all along" arc.) What would subvert that expectation?

    The cave elf theory, the long-lost princess theory, and the android theory are all things that aren't normal, aren't horrifying, and would need to be hidden, but none of them fully explain everything we've seen. The hideous scars theory is still theoretically plausible, but we've already got a character who has acid scars and a love interest. There has to be something I'm missing here . . .
  • My beliefs on DotL:

    1) This world being a post apocalyptic version of ours, magic was rediscovered when technology was no longer around to make life easy

    2) The apocalypse occurred when the majority of the world decided in no longer needed it’s creator, so He took a step back

    3) The new races are changes brought about by the resurgence of magic in the world

    4) Drath are the souls of evil people and eventually grow to something akin to a demon

    5) The servants of the 1 who is 3 are angels

    6) There were powerful being put in place to help modulate and protect the people of the world (wizards)

    7) There are a set number of wizards

    8) A wizard’s life is greatly extended due to the unlimited magic power, but still has an end

    9) When a wizard passes, their magic is given to the next in line to wield it.

    10) If no one can wield it, then the wizard is kept alive by the power as a battery to hold the power until a suitable replacement is found

    11) A wizard power has a unique source

    12) Thistle is one such suitable replacement

    13) Gwendolyn is an old “friend” of Thistle

    14) Thistle looked up to her

    15) She saw the potential in Thistle, and tried to bind a Drath to her so that she could control the power

    16) The summoning was interrupted, but it had progressed far enough to alter Thistle. 

    17) Thistle ran away when she saw what had happened to her which caused her to hold on to the echo

    18) She has been on the run since then

    19) Thistle is the inheritor of the wizard power source of nature, and her appearance shows a nature theme (Bark like skin, ivy on her body, etc.) 

    20) To those who know of wizards this is a dead give away. 

    21) Orrig is just a middle aged Orc who is true to his wife, his family, and himself. His sideburns are just the proof of his innate awesomeness

    22) Brent will be Thistle’s protector as she is a protector to him. Each making up for the other’s shortcomings (if any exist)

    23) Lyra is a true blue friend and one that Thistle sorely needs. 

    23) There are more powerful things in this world than Wizards.

  • when you don't want your parents to know you're about to smoke pot
  • I do have a suspicion that she is hiding because of some "simple" reason like being burnt or mauled (since she is also hiding her hands) but with very traumatic experience which makes it much harder to come out. Then again, she can be drath-like in appearance for whatever reason which would explain her echo(es).
  • I'm thinking she may have a dragonish appearance. Wizards take the sacred form, which we assume is a dragon. What if new wizards get transformed and have to learn how to change back, instead of learning how to take the form? Based on her vision after sealing the hole with the tree, she was "inducted" against her will by the dying Hengst (presumably). And after a lifetime of verbal and emotional abuse by Gibson Girl, it ruined her ability to see herself as anything but a monster.
  • I'm fairly sure my theory was wrong. I had thought Meg was teasing us by showing us her face over and over, in the chapter title pages, and in the wanted posters. That for some reason she had the appearance of a cave elf.

    My (distant) second theory was that she had some of the appearance of the angel-creature they talked about a couple pages back. Still could be true, but I'm leaning against it, because of the "what if people see your teeth" comment from her abuser/mother.

    Lately I've been leaning toward either 1) dragonish or 2) patchy Drath.
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  • Oh I personally have the theory that she's a cave elf. It's imho the option that makes the most sense from an aesthetic story-telling perspective.

    But even if I'm wrong with that, I'll still be able to claim that I proposed the silliest theory of them all. I even got a "No comment..." instead if the usual answer.
  • Is Thistle doing what I think she's doing?!
    Is that some sort of...summoning circle, like the Drath-summoners use?
    The colors are all different, so it's not Drath...

    Is Thistle reporting in to Headquarters? :)
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  • I adore the poetry of Thistle being a cave elf. And the back story of how a cave elf became a gifted gardener... well!

    (I'm not sure how it makes sense in terms of what we've seen of her past - she acts like a cultural insider, with connections to the moneyed class - or at least comfortable ones. I mean, her clothing yearnings, for instance? But then, maybe she didn't start out a cave elf.)

    I think I would guess that she's taken on some secondary attributes of the glowing figure with the eyes. 
  • *cackles* OH THE TORTURE WHY MUST WE BE LEFT WITH A CLIFFHANGER XD Jk, Meg and Yoko's stuff is 110% worth waiting for, yep yep. I'm not even going to make a theory about Thistle (I'm scared that 1) I'm wrong, and 2) don't wanna get my hopes up just in case we're onyl going to see Thistle's signature and she's not gonna take the cowl off, and d) if my source is correct, I don't wanna be that one jerk who spoils it for everyone). *pterodactyl screech*
  • Hmm Thistle is very very careful of what she's going to do - locking and sealing the door, pulling the windows's curtains, even plugging the keyhole.
    But the last panel was the one which piked my attention and curiosity; I can recognize both symbols she's chanting/saying but one is upside down and the other looks like slashed (a Chi-Rho and a Fish, respectively).
    Well, waiting for next strip, on next year (and nice cliffhanger!)
  • Would someone want to join me in GATHERING CLUES before The Reveal? So far, according to Q&A Thistle loves to eat(craves after) mushrooms and Meg mentioned on tumblr that it is somehow connected to who she is but it is "a strech" - not an obvious connecton (I'll add link later) Renben mentioned on this page: "what if people see your teeth" comment from her abuser/mother. Ancient Frog-drath recognized her (page 536). Aaaand her life was mess since encounter with The One Who Is Three" (page 731). PS: Somehow I can't put points in separate lines o.O
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  • Here's the "teeth" comment I paraphrased (not very well) earlier. Look at the upper right of the next to last panel.

    "Don't smile, your teeth will frighten people and you'll get wrinkles"

    PS: Apparently you have to use HTML to insert newlines.

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  • refresh refresh refresh refresh
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  • The dragon theory would not be normal, and could easily be terrifying or shocking, but not actually horrifying. It's my favorite theory as it fits nearly everything we've seen (and is awesome), except for maybe Thistle hiding her appearance before Hym got to her. I should re-read and see if that was the case.
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