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Marry, boff, kill

Okay guys, let's get some life into this category. You remember probably that one reader question.

So I will start with the first round: Marry, boff, kill: Brody, Goat-Drath-chan, the L'Gith.

Whoever answers that can call the next round. 


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  • BellisPerennisBellisPerennis Administrator
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    I would make Louis Lanes death not traceable to me of course, I'm sure Deadpool wouldn't mind after all that boffing. Also isn't Deadpool already married? I don't think he's really interested in another one.
    Also killing Papa Smurf? That guy single-handedly raised a whole village, that's perfect marrying material! Donald is a looser and I'm sure Scrooge has somewhere a clause that makes it ultimately impossible for Donald to get the money; he has that bad of luck. Na, I'd kill Donald.

    Okay, to the next choice: Marry Jafar, because he's expressed desire to do so, so that makes him the least probable to try to kill me right of the bat to be available again, boff Ursula, because she's the most sensual one and kill Scar, because he's the most likely to try to kill me. Seriously he's a lion.

    Okay next round:
    Marry, boff, kill: Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, Bob Belcher.
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  • JohnJohn Member, Brave Soul
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    None really. I'd rather get to know them.
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  • Hey, point of the game is, that you make a choice, even if it's completely random, so others can question the validity. (Also you want to get to know Brody?! His inner stomach lining?) Also please provide another set of choices ;-) Let's try again: Marry, boff, kill: Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, the Christkind.
  • JohnJohn Member, Brave Soul
    Oh.. uh never done this before. What wait is christkind?
  • John said:
    Oh.. uh never done this before. What wait is christkind?
    The Christkind is basically an alternative to Santa Claus that's more common in southern Germany. Is often in the form of a young women. Wikipedia has an article on it.
  • p_steinp_stein Member, Brave Soul
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    oh wow, I thought that the Christkind is some kind of reference to the Christian community :D :D :D :D - also, when you said, "young woman giving gifts on Christmas", I did NOT imagine the picture on wikipedia.

    So with that, let me answer:
    Marry*: the Easter Bunny
    Boff: Santa
    KILL WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE: Christkind. Seriously, that's one creepy looking girl. :cry:

    *It wouldn't be a love-driven marriage, but more of a "eat chocolate eggs on a monday morning sort of thing, then divorce it and get half of its chocolate eggs for life." Also, it would have to be in a universe where I have never met my current SO. 

    by the way, I'm sure that hte forums will become progressively more lively as the comic comments disappear + some time passes.

    marry, boff, kill:
    the Queen (THE Queen) - in her young age, but with all the korgis and the responsibilities; Lois Lane (but Superman's her ex and he's the jealous type) and Deadpool.
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  • BellisPerennisBellisPerennis Administrator
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    In Nürnberg they elect every two year a woman to play the Christkind, here you can see the current one; so it's definitely not that creepy as Wikipedia may have made you think; if you search for Saint Nick (which is the guy the Christmas man is based on) the pictures on Wikipedia don't lock that appealing either ;)

    Okay, I find your option very easy:
    Marry of course the queen - who would not want to become part of the English monarchy?
    Boff Deadpool - because trying to kill him would be futile and he is the sort of character that seems to have quite a positive attitude towards boffing.
    And kill Louis Lane, because if when Superman wants her back, he'll find a way.

    Next trio:
    Marry, boff, kill: Donald Duck, Micky Mouse, Papa Smurf.
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  • p_steinp_stein Member, Brave Soul
    edited December 2017 Vote Up0Vote Down
    ol yeah, that's slightly better

    Why would you kill lois lane when you know Superman will come & get you? I would have married Deadpool, boffed Lois & killed the Queen. sorry, Queen.

    Anyway, for your query, I would ... marry donald duck - for the money of McDuck (I am young, I can wait), boffed Mickey and killed papa smurf. No regrets.

    Marry boff kill: Scar, Jafar, Ursula.
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