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The World of Teicna - An Ongoing Worldbuilding Project

UberphishUberphish Member
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     Hey folks, I'm Uberphish (though most folks default to calling me 'Uber'), a writer and worldbuilder, and this is my baby.

     TEICNA (and also some other art and such)

     Teicna is a fantasy world wherein most of the sapient races are a fair clip through a rousing Industrial Revolution. The gods, nearly all once mortal themselves, are subject to the same flaws and corruptions of any man or woman (or other) down below, making their frequent habits of dabbling in the affairs of mortals all the more problematic.

     This setting has been in the works for many years, now, and for the last two or three I've devoted one day a week to putting something down on paper that explains or expands upon some new element of the world, either through detailed exposition or in-character stories exploring the world from the 'ground floor'. A lot of folks here seem to share my enthusiasm for complex and unique fantasy worlds, and so it only seemed appropriate to share mine here!


     You can find my entire gallery, unsorted and scattered with commissioned and original art, in the link up above, but if you want a slightly more curated experience, there are a few separated folders worth looking into:

     - The Teicna Files - The collection that started things off. These are written as plain exposition or dramatized history, explaining concepts like the creation of the world, how magic functions, what the various continents are, and so on.

     - Teicna Tales - These are very short stories (rarely much over 2k words) from the perspective of characters within the world of Teicna, from necromancer homicide detectives to vampiric rat-folk freedom fighters, there's (nearly) something for everybody in here.

     - The Gods of Teicna - A list of the various deities from across the globe, these entries go into a small amount of detail as to their various aspects (domains, appearance, religious tenets, etc.) to give a clearer idea as to the religious influences the mortals of the world are subject to.

     - The Teicnan People - And finally, a list of the various races of the world, along with details ranging from their physical appearances to the most common social deviations to how they breed and cope with death. This list is still in the works, and as of this writing is about to pick back up in the coming weeks. When that time comes, I'll be holding strawpolls to determine which race gets covered next, so keep an eye out for those!


     There's a lot of content to sort through, as you can see, but the one thing I've always lacked is meaningful, actionable feedback on my work. So if you happen to have some time and want to read about a new Industrial Fantasy setting as it's being developed, I'd love to hear what you have to say about it!
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  • I read a semi-randomly choosen entry from each of those four categories and so far I very much like it, you have some very nice ideas and your approach seems structured and very thoughr through. If you want some more substantial feedback I'd be happy to provide, but then it would be very nice if you could point me to the thing for which you would like it the most :)
  • Oh, thanks for putting in the time, and I'm glad you liked them! I'm curious; which ones did you end up reading, if you went in and chose at random? I'd love to know which titles happen to draw the eye more than others in cases like this.

    As for which ones I'd like feedback on... Honestly pretty much any of them? If there's anything you specifically like to read about when it comes to settings like these, I'd be happy to point you towards something catered specifically towards those tastes! With how much is in there now, I can't quite say I've got something for everyone, but I like to think I can come close!
  • I read from the Gods Section Lexx, the Celestial Songbird, from Files Faeries: Singular Diversity, from the People section The Cubare(Demons) article and from the Tales The wandering protector. (If I recall correctly in that order.) Looking again, It looks like I mostly choose the last one, but I recall seeing the celestial songbird and thinking: this has to be great.
    I really liked that concept with the several slimes fusing to form a person, I think that's something that could be explored a bit more deeply, in the short story their problematic standing within society came well across, but the individual parts (so the three original slimes) not that much (but which could have been on purpose?). It would be interesting to learn more about that and why they decided to fuse despite their quite different backgrounds.
  • Definitely an interesting collection, even if it was mostly just drawing from the last options from a single page. I'm glad you liked the slime-person story, though! That's probably one of the stories I'm happiest with from the short list of them that I don't look back on and wince at slightly. You're right that I didn't touch too much on who they were as an entity - going in their origins and backstory and whatnot - but focused more on them as a person, and seeing how they treated the world that had mistreated them. I'd love to go back and do more with the character, though... Maybe I will in a future entry!

    The semi-random selection process doesn't give me much to work with as far as further recommendations, though. If you liked Wandering Protector, I've got one or two more that deal with characters on the unfortunate end of social divides, and at least a few more of typical fantasy creatures being approached in a different way. I'm not sure there are any others that are nearly as unique as the zhelt, however.
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