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Daughter of the Lilies - 7.33

New comic!

Today's News:
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Alt Text by Sekan13 on Patreon, because I referenced a famous statue for that last panel." target="_blank">The event Brent is referring to in those last two panels can be found here.

Also, how about some sweet sweet Bristle Fanfiction, Gone Hunting by Creative-Type

Instead of hitting the ground running after our Thanksgivings, Yoko and I hit the ground... with our faces. Thanks for being patient, guys. How was y'all's Thanksgivings? Good job on saving the life of that poor turkey for Thistle's sake. She's very grateful and loves her new buddy. 


From what I understand, you don't need to make a new account - you can start posting right away using your Disqus accounts, which you already use to leave comments on the site. How easy!

Many, many thanks to the many individuals who dedicated their time and efforts to make this forum possible, especially readers Bellis Perennis and Bum. The comment section will be disappearing sometime in January, and you guys now have your own, entirely fan-moderated and run community in which to keep things rolling. Well done! Thank you!



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  • In the spirit of getting prepared to switch to this forum for discussion, I'll leave here what I wrote on the original site this once: I'm a bit surprised we get more information on our mystery "light drath" so soon. By now, I'd have expected at least a 20-page-wait before one tiny little tidbit of mystery is revealed (only to lead to another dozen mysteries, of course, and get us even more on edge) Surprisingly merciful on poor us who hunger for information on unsolved questions ...
  • I'm guessing that what information we're getting now is likely incomplete enough that it's less significant than it seems. Just a tip of the iceberg.
  • So far this seems to be information gained from observation, i.e. the same sort of info that we've picked up for ourselves. Unless Thistle reveals something else about the One Who Is Three and its servants (is there a widely accepted fan name for them, by the way?) this will probably not alleviate our frustration.
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