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Daughter of the Lilies - Thanksgiving 2017 PART 2

New comic!

Today's News:
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Make sure you check out the replies to the tweet itself and" target="_blank">the comments on the last page - you guys are hilarious.

Thistle, completely aware of how much of an inconvenience she has imposed on everyone, showed her thanks via the impressive collection of pies she made the day of. The meal may have been lacking, but by gosh, no one had any complaints when it was time for dessert.

Lyra, however, was lukewarm about pies. Admittedly, she had never tried one. It was a short lived opinion.

Brent didn't think things didn't turn out so bad. Everyone was happy, which was the only thing that mattered, right?

"Next year," Orrig thought to himself, "I will not be so soft hearted." He's been telling himself this every year since his children could first speak in defense of the dumb birds. He missed Dotra. She was not so kind, but there were never any tears when she was through with cooking. 

Happy Holidays, Buds. 

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