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Daughter of the Lilies - Happy New Year

New comic!

Today's News:
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I'm back, baby.

It feels like it's been a lot longer than a couple of weeks, but I reached a point this past Sunday where it felt like I finally snapped awake, sat up, looked around, and became self aware for the first time in awhile. (Huge shout out to my husband for enabling my couch potato lifestyle while I played through the entirety of Uncharted 3 in just one day. How does he even deal with me. I was a smelly little gremlin at that point.)

So, as we get our respective 2019s started, I'd like to take a minute and try to break down my goals for myself in this new year, so that y'all know what to expect from me: 

  • I'm going to be taking things slow. I've realized that I was living a life full of unhealthy habits last year, the worst of which was driving myself to work nonstop until I collapsed from burnout and had to sit around and do literally nothing for two full weeks before I started to feel like myself again. So in 2019, I'm going to try to be more transparent about how I'm doing, what I'm doing, and when I realistically need to take it easy.
  • Speaking of what I've been doing, I finally got up the nerve to publicly announce what production I'm working on. (TLDR: it's the Animaniacs Reboot.) Sir Talen wasted no time at all on that. Shout out to the peeps on Patreon who I told a couple months ago and kept mum about it.
    This job is so dang cool and I can't believe I landed it, but the deadlines are very, very demanding and I was freaking myself out about it up until recently. This is, in fact, why the updates last year were so spotty or delayed all the time. 

So how does this actually affect you, the reader of this fine comic? 

Combining each of the two points above means that updates are going to stay at a one-page-per-week update schedule, and pages will have basic/flat colors or be in black and white until this production wraps up, or I feel well enough again to handle the additional workload of a second page every week on top of the boards I have to deliver for my dayjob.

I'm slightly frustrated with this development, but the Realistic Side of myself is putting it in place because I do not want to go through a repeat of what happened in 2018, and honestly, neither do you. I was miserable and pages were work instead of fun. That's not what we want.

I'm also softening the schedule because Print Prep remains unfinished, and I don't want to rush through things like I have been these last couple of months. And heaven help me, I really want to savor working on the cover. I want good memories and feelings associated with the production of the book whenever I look at it. My goal is to get to work on the back end of the Kickstarter by March, and have the book out and for you all to own before or around Christmas. 

Right now I'm trying to play all of this by ear. It feels like I'm starting from scratch, which is more exciting than anything else, and I'm trying not to get too caught up in the anxiety of asking for more of your patience. The comic would not be here without you, but it also wouldn't be here without me either, which I lost sight of in 2018 in my effort not to disappoint you. 2019 is my year of finding balance.

Thank you all so very much for reading, and I look forward to moving forward with you into this new year!

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  • Happy to see you back - as you said, take it slow and get more healthy

    I take what happened to you, had a light pneumonia diagnosed on 21st December and had to stay home for a week eating healthy, drinking lots of water, taking strong antibiotics and no wind/rain at all - a tough doing because I live in Rio de Janeiro and its a hot and stuffy Summer here :BuddySad:

    On the other side, got well enough to watch New Year fireworks at Copacabana Beach with my fiancée (who helped me tons while I was sick <3) :BuddyLove:
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