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Daughter of the Lilies - FILLER: JENN!!! ORRIG!!!

New comic!

Today's News:
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I saw she opened back up for commissions a little while ago, and since I'd already gotten 'er to draw Lyra and Thistle, I thought I might as well complete the set.

Please read her comic Rising Sand, it's super good. You can see more of her art on her deviantArt and her Twitter.

Thanks for being patient with me this week, everyone - I was... way more exhausted than I originally realized. How many times am I going to do this to myself before I learn.

While I've been taking break from the comic, I've been... working on the comic, specifically trying to make some headway on prepping pages of Book 1 for print and the Kickstarter. Shockingly, when you go from trying to do a thousand things at once to... just doing one thing at once, you make a lot of headway on that one thing, and seeing how much progress I've made is seriously tempting me to temporarily put the comic production to the side until I finish that. It would be one less thing stressing me out and distracting me, and I don't think it will take very long to do.
I'll see how much I manage to get done this week, since work is my main priority at the moment, and come back at you with an update at the start of next week about that. Again, thanks for sticking with me. Y'all are great.

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pssst hey my husband started a webcomic

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