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Daughter of the Lilies - Halloween RP Event

New comic!

Today's News:
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Hey, guys! The next page is something of a monster (Patrons will be able to see it as-is on Patreon for the time being), and the last thing we want is to rush a page that needs a lot of attention. So today, we're going to promote an event happening on the DotL Discord!

Halloween Season is also DotL Birthday Season, and the DotL Discord is having a big time RP Event to celebrate the comicâ&#128;&#153;s 5th birthday! Using official worldbuilding information of the DotL universe, the story will be a murder mystery... and ANY of the players could be the victim... or a suspect! 
It sounds like it'll be a great time. I won't be participating, but I'll be watching events unfold with an interested eye.

Details are here. Please make sure you read all about the rules and the setting to make the DMâ&#128;&#153;s and Mods' lives easier, thank you!

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