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Dragonshard Demo

If you think DDungeons & Dragons - 6 or 8 just rote adventures, boring under the catacombs deep in the ground, fighting against the orc or troll couple that we've seen thousands of times before , you'll be surprised. And if you think that the RTS genre is just build a house, make a few troops and then watched them massacre the competition, you will be more surprised.Dragonshard purely an innovation although still some pictures and spell in the D & D Forgotten Realms but old as Dragonshard remains entirely created an identity for themselves. Publisher DD & D, stated: Liquid Entertainment has changed the RTS genre and guide it in a completely new way, and the results were Dragonshard.
Dragonshard Demo
Imagine a world where magic is not in the hands of the magician, but it is present everywhere. Imagine the skyscrapers under construction, and daily business operations with magic and connecting the continents is the port Courses - teleport teleport ... And you just started set foot in the world of Eberron amazing. When Blizaard added to single player mode of Warcraft III - an RPG style game RTS-: the Hero, Liquid has realized that the RTS genre on the basis of RPG you. And there are additional screens Dragonshard as Warcraft III RPG. But the problem arises: How to escape the giant shadow of Warcraft III and not be turned into a copy of Warcraft III and retain the identity of D & D? Finally Liquid has decided to follow his path: They do not add to the RTS RPG elements. They still keep them separated.

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They were separated Dragonshard out 2 different game modes: The first mode is completely pure RTS: Construction of buildings, army and control them destroy opponents with tactics to achieve victory. But in 2nd mode, there is an underground world for players up into small groups and participate in the exciting adventures of Dungeons & Dragons. Despite playing in different modes, but both modes are supported 2 mutual aid. The unit is present in large battles - RTS RPG mode appear. And absolutely do not have any new born unit is "Hero", all the units are starting with basic indicators and the ability of each type of unit. For example, with the ability to "stealthily", you can sneak a chance other unit higher, and stronger attack power and the inability of this unit And the unit can become a hero when he scored exp to level up, battling monsters and search for items to mark up forever.
Fight monsters
Images in the demo is gorgeous. These pictures are shown very realistic, crisp and full of art. The picture in the region recall a past Underworld heyday through the ruins remain. These ruins, soaring pillars prop majestic dome as regret a glorious time, racecourse to accommodate millions of people now deserted, flooded with litter and monsters lurk ... All evoking an ancient city, majestic, and beautiful remains vague even when collapsed. Liquid has used the most powerful image egine have to build up the D & D with light effects Beautiful light and shadow and have the ability to express the detailed graphics smallest either. The built-in level RTS began with a fortress (Keep). Fortress was the center of the area, the "main house" limited number of troops you (like Starcraft Cossack or so) and protected behind the walls. Around the fort you will build another base. Each type of troops trained in the separate and attached to the house armed ... 

You will have to brainstorm a lot to achieve victory, because the tactics in DD & D are plentiful. A battle is governed by many factors. The terrain is very important in D & D, 1 top small but soldiers stationed in key positions could have restrained a 1 army. And based on the terrain to build the first base from the most solid defense. A city built elaborate, but if the surface topography 4 empty, or built leaning against the mountain, but to the enemy captured the peak of the city you will be flooded in flames. How to build the military: the principle is water to be ashore, the minister troops blocked. And each soldier has a knack and weakness. Take advantage of the weaknesses of the enemy and turn it into an advantage of our troops: If your opponent uses one mage capable of attacking from a distance, then groups of soldiers equipped with armor raid allowed is the most effective way of prop. In addition, you also need to know the tactical judgment, should sacrifice when key candidates? Sometimes concentrate firepower to destroy enemy buildings 1 was useful and causing greater damage indiscriminate shelling in the top guards ...

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