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Looking to get into Dungeons and Dragons and other Tabletop RPGS

Welp. I don't know anywhere else I can ask but.

I should explain, my history with DnD has been cantankerous at best. My brother got into DnD when I was 8 (Mostly to spite my conservative parents probably) and while I had a RP session with him I remember being rather frustrated and upset and Not really enjoying the game at all (being 8 with an 11 year old DM probably contributed to that)

Flash forward to now, where not only do I have friends into DnD but I've reccently gotten into listening to a lot of DnD-related Podcasts (High Rollers, The Adventure Zone, Critical Role) so my Interest has been piqued.

So... How do I Dungeons and Dragons?


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  • BumBum Member, HeadMod
    Normally, there are 3 easy options.

    1) If your city/town has one, go to a local game store or gaming group and ask to join a game that doesn't mind first timers. 

    2) Join an online community that has people running games. This one is easy to do, but not seeing people in person while you learn the game can be daunting.

    3) Join a friends game. This is possibly the simplest, but also has potential to be awkward if your friend isn't the teaching type and just has you jump into the deep end.

    If you are looking to learn the systems, then there are a million online resource. For Instance I like playing Pathfinder which was based of a DnD 3.5 I go to or to learn what I can about the game. I am sure that similar repositories exist for DnD
  • Bum, whose answer is right above mine isn't entirely wrong; it's like saying how do I art, and answering you can use a pencil, a pen, or a program like photoshop/gimp. And then saying there are online resources to help. Not saying it is not imprortant as getting the scedule hammered out will break a group up pretty quickly. 

    To build on top of what Bum said by assuming you have a group; the first order of business is to determine how the role of dungeon master (DM) is to be handled. Typically there are four to five players to one DM, and that is the entire playgroup; variations of the above have been tried and notes on what did and didn't work are in the notes Bum mentioned. 

    On this role: The Player
    The players are the protagonists of the story, typically a hero. The player job is to direct the hero's story, based on the events the protagonist find themselves in. Typically the players work together towards common goals, though that is not usually stated in the rules as splitting up the players tends to bring disastrous results.

    On this role: The Dungeon Master
    The DM's job is to control everything else. This is important for without this the game doe not function. This tends to broken down into two phases prepairation and play. Play will be discussed first, when the player takes an action usually something responds to that action, and part of the DM's job is to garuntee that response makes sense. In general as play makes the DM a reactionary force a knee jerk reaction or two makes the world come alive, but too much chaos and the entire thing comes apart at the seems. To impose discipline most DMs prepare beforehand as referencing some notes tends to makes things consistent. 

    A final note; I feel like it's a good idea to take notes at the table, as memories are faillable. 
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